1) Vali has published her ninth catalogue under the title " Internal Landscapes".The catalogue contains artworks from her exhibitions in 2019 ( Athens and Tinos, Greece) and cover a painting period of twenty years (1998 - 2019).The artworks are painted in oil.

2) Vali is participating at a collective exhibition at the Melina Merkouri Center in Athens..Title of the exhibition" Greece I love".The opening haw taken place on the 2 November 2019.

3) An individual exhibition  in Tinos (Greece) took place in july 2019 in the context of the cultural festival of Tinos 2019 with great sucess.Title of the exhibition:" small is beautifull".

Many artists and tourists visited the exhibition.

4) Collective exhibition at the BOUZIANIS MUSEUM ( Athens, Greece) in April-May 2018.

  5)The eighth catalogue from Vali's exhibitions has been published under the title" LOOKING HIGH".It includes mainly portraits looking high or downwards,are in frontal position or in profile and express feelings related to daily life or they look for answers related to the inner search.Very few exceptions concern portraits of well known painters but the remaining majority are the result of a subjective reforming. They represent in a symbolic way the artistic search of the painter and the subjects which count for her.All the artworks are painted in oil. 

6) Indivual exhhibition at FOUGARO Cultural Center in NAFPLION ( Greece) , 24 September 2016  until  31 January 2017. Title of the exhibition "small is beautiful".

7) Individual exhibition in Athens at the Municipal Gallery of Faliro ( Athens, Greece)  june 2016. Title of the exhibition  "games of time".

8) Individual exhibition in Brussels in May 2016: PERIPLE, 115 Rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels. 17 May,18-21h, - 4 JuneTtitle of the exhibition: SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL. (prolonged  until 25 June).

9) Collective exhibition in Brussels in May - June 2016. ULB, Campus du Sollboch, F1 building,level 2, room Allende, 22 Paul Héger avenue  . Opening: 17 May, 18- 21h . Until  24 June).

10)Retrospective exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of Pireus ( Greece) in June 2015

 Title of the exhibition: " The Image as pretext".

11) The sixth and seventh catalogue from Vali's exhibitions, mainly in Paris (2014 - 2015), in Pireus/Greece( 2015) and in Brussels ( 2016) can be found at the Kandinsky Library of the Pompidou Museum in Paris.They are edited under the titles" small is beautiful" and " nothing is something".