Vali Kolotourou was born in Greece.She graduated in Law from the University of Athens and  continued her post-graduate studies at the Universite Libre in Brussels and at the College of Europe (Bruges). She had a professional career at the College of Europe as assistant of the Law Section and at the European Commission in Brussels as Senior Administrator and Head of Unit.

      She studied Art in Brussels over a period of several years,attending courses in drawing and painting first at the atelier of the Greek painter Vasso Tseka, and then at the Academie Royale des Beaux- Arts, at the Academie de Dessin et des Arts Decoratifs de Watermael=Boitsfort and finally at the Art Academy of Ixelles, from where she received her diploma,

       Vali Kolotourou`s work has been shown in twelve individual exhibitions in Brussels  Athens and Nafplion( Greece), and eleven collective exhibitions in Brussels,New Delhi,Bologna,New York,London,Athens and Paris, Her most recent exhibitions were her individual exhibitions " small is beautiful " in Periple, Brussels (2016) and in Fougaro ( Nafplion, Greece, 2016- 2017) as well as a collective exhibition  at the Bouzianis Museum in 2018. In 2015 Vali had. a major Retrospective exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus( Greece) bearing the title " the image as pretext".

        Her paintings are to be found in books published in New York,Bologna and London. She has also published eight catalogues under different titles such as" Men and Women, " The Cry ",Increasing the grain of rice day by day", " small is beautiful," nothing is something ", "Looking high" which can be found at several Museums such as the National Gallery and the Bouziani Museum  in Athens,the Museum of Fine- Arts in Brussels, the Solomon R. Guggenheim In New York and the Pompidou Museum in Paris. In addition, her work has been shown by the Press in Greece ( Kathimerini,2009,Culture Now in Greece,2015, Voice of Nea Smyrni, 2015, Voice of the Inhabitants in Piraeus,2015, Argolika Nea, 2016, e.t.c.) and in the United States (Greek Reporter, U.S.A.,2012) and  has also appeared on Television in Belgium ( R.T.L.- T.V.I, 2012.)

         Vali Kolotourou lives and works in Brussels and Athens. Her paintings are to be found in public and private collections all over the world, including Brussels,Athens,Paris,London,Barcelona and New York..



Vali’s work is mainly focused on the human face and body. Through her paintings- oil and watercolours- she tries to capture the essence of human feeling and the exploration of the psyche.Her work is first of all an intimate study of silence and of human truth.

Generally speaking one could say that Vali’s work explores the question of identity and insists  upon an internal inquiry and destination of human being.
Painters who have influenced Vali’s work  are Emil Nolde for his free,spontaneous and very beautiful watercolors; Oskar Kokoschka with  the harmony of his colors on the space around and behind his subjects; James Ensor with  the choise of his themes (masks,theater, carnival..) and his critique towards his society; Georges Rouault with  the way he paints, violently and roughly and his way of recording the misery of poor and oppressed people ( "the difficult job to live");Marlene Dumas with her choise of themes ( notions of identity) and the power and strength of her paintings and watercolors;Yiorgos Bouzianis with the transcendance and the ultimate sense of being one can feel in all his paintings and drawings..
Vali uses several materials in her works: mainly oil and watercolour but also inkwash,pencils,colourpencils,  charcoal,gouache,  pastels and markers.